Pediatric wellness

Keeping your little ones safe and healthy

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Keeping your children safe and healthy is the top priority for any parent. What can you do to prepare for a new baby, and what can you expect in those early years? From your baby's first kicks to their well-child visits to their high school sports physicals, we are here for them and we are here for you.

Have a teen in your household? As your teen enjoys new independence, learn how to support their health and development.

Adolescent Wellness

Preparing for the fourth trimester: Picking a pediatrician

The first 12 weeks after giving birth can be an overwhelming and stressful time. Consider these tips to prepare for the "fourth trimester."

Learn how to prepare

Childhood vaccines: Facts v. fiction

The internet is full of misinformation about vaccines, including the vaccines your child gets on a regular schedule through their early years. Learn why vaccines are important, as well as the truth behind some common vaccine myths.

Childhood immunization schedule

Vaccine schedules for children were created based on clinical trials and research, as well as what infections a child is more likely to get at a certain age.

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Starting young for healthy smiles and hearts

Nothing is sweeter than the precious smiles and kind hearts of children. Help them stay bright and beating strong for a lifetime by starting healthy habits early. Our dentist’s tips will help you and your children keep your mouths healthy. And these simple heart-health suggestions, like shopping for heart-healthy snacks, will lower heart and stroke disease risk for your little ones beginning today!

Developmental milestones: What to look for

What developmental milestones should you look for at each stage of your child's life? Hear from a pediatrician about what to watch for and when.

Find a pediatrician or family care provider

Whether you’re expecting your first baby, looking for a pediatrician or looking for a care provider for the whole family, you can find an ¥ provider near you.