Outpatient Surgery

Go home the same day of your operation

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In recent years, medical technology has made it possible to perform many procedures with tiny incisions. This means you can return to home the same day for healing, which speeds recovery.

¥’s surgical teams work hard to ensure you have the best surgical experience possible. Our highly qualified team of medical professionals understand that caring for your health means taking time to listen and do the little extras that help you relax.

What to expect on the day of your surgery

Though outpatient surgeries are typically simple procedures, you should still have someone drive you to the hospital. No matter how simple a surgery is, it still takes a toll on your body, so we recommend you let someone else drive you home. And if you have anesthesia, you aren’t allowed to drive for 24 hours.

You do not need to bring much with you for your same-day procedure. ID and insurance information should be sufficient. Leave your valuables at home and wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that won’t be tight around the surgical area when you dress to go home.

Once the surgery is completed, you’ll need time to recover. Your doctor should provide care instructions and may even prescribe medication. If possible, have someone stay with you for a day after surgery to keep you comfortable and help around the house.