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Many men in the United States live lifestyles that are not good for their overall health. This is why men have higher rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, lung cancer, stroke and other serious medical conditions. ¥’s men’s health services provide preventative care, diagnosis and treatment for conditions that frequently affect men. The physicians here work primarily with men and are highly experienced helping patients find solutions to common health problems men face.

The importance of preventative care

Keeping up with your health is very important. In fact, many life-threatening conditions men often encounter can be prevented with regular check-ups and healthy lifestyle choices. Our men’s health team can help you learn more about your risk factors for various conditions and take the precautions necessary to stop them before they start.

Conditions that can be prevented with proper care include:

  • Diabetes
  • Various cancers
  • High blood pressure
  • Problems with urination
  • Heart attacks and stroke
  • Influenza and pneumonia
  • Kidney disease
  • Dementia

It is important to note that not all conditions, even those listed above, can be prevented even with a healthy lifestyle. However, working with your doctor to keep your health in a good place can have a significant impact on your risk developing a wide range of diseases and other medical conditions.

Recommended Screenings

Men Age 45 or Older

Begin at 45

Screen for colon cancer, get a colonoscopy every 10 years, get a stool testing yearly

Older than 45

Screen for cholesterol every five years or more frequent testing as recommended by your doctor

Older than 45 with BMI Over 25

Screen for diabetes every 3 years

Starting at 50

Screen for prostate cancer yearly

Older than 50

Yearly physical exam

Men Age 44 and Under

Starting at age 18

Men at average risk for heart disease screen for cholesterol every five years

Younger than 50

Physical exam every three to five years

Starting at 35 with BMI of 25 or higher

Screen for diabetes yearly

Starting at age 40 or 10 years younger than any family member’s age when diagnosed

Screen for colon cancer yearly

Other conditions we treat

Preventative care is only a small part of what we offer. Our team can also help you with joint pain, prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, urination difficulties, sleep disorders, STDs, low testosterone and virtually any other medical complication you are dealing with. Whatever your reason for seeking men’s health services, you can trust that the ¥ team will serve you with respect and discretion.

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