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CommunityConnect delivers Enhanced Care Management

Enhanced Care Management (ECM) is a statewide Medi-Cal benefit for adults and children that provides a whole-person approach to care. ECM addresses social, emotional and behavioral barriers to the access of healthcare services such as food, transportation, legal counsel, financial support and more.

CommunityConnect focuses on finding and engaging eligible Medi-Cal beneficiaries for ECM by going into the community to meet them where they are, or through referrals. Our team members come from the local community, often sharing ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, and life experiences with the beneficiaries we serve. We are able to establish supportive, trusting relationships and connect individuals to community resources and/or local primary care.

CommunityConnect is FREE to patients.

Call CommunityConnect for more information at (916) 406-2557.

Who is eligible for CommunityConnect?

Enhanced Care Managed populations of focus include:

  • Children and adults of all ages
  • Children and adults with mental illness or substance use disorders
  • Individuals and families experiencing homelessness or child welfare challenges
  • High utilizers of avoidable emergency services
  • Nursing facility residents transitioning into the community

To be eligible for CommunityConnect, members must be in the ECM populations of focus and have Medi-Cal. If members are eligible for ECM but do not have a primary care provider, we can help connect them with a caring, highly qualified ¥ provider.

CommunityConnect Lead Care Managers

Every eligible beneficiary is connected with a care team led by a Lead Care Manager (LCM) who is a trained community health worker and is supported by a registered nurse and social worker.

How we partner with care facilities

LCMs are here to help members who have recently accessed long-term care, assisted living or skilled nursing facilities to transition to a home setting. We will help residents schedule prepare for, and even accompany them to their appointments. This makes it easier for individuals to attend their appointments and further their health journey.

Get in touch with your local CommunityConnect Care Team: (916) 406-2557.

How we partner with Community-Based Organizations

Our LCMs are ready to help community-based organizations and the people they assist with care coordination and ensuring clients get the most from all of the potential healthcare and social services available to them. We often provide the extra push clients need to stay healthier, as each client receives a dedicated LCM to help with:

  • Developing whole-person care plans focused on social, emotional, and behavioral needs
  • Serving as liaison between members and care providers
  • Establishing supportive, trusting relationships
  • Obtaining member consent to enroll in the ECM program

Call us at (916) 406-2557 to get connected with the LCM in your area.

Call CommunityConnect at (916) 406-2557.