Beyond Loss Grief Support Program

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At ¥, we understand there are no easy answers to the experience of loss and grief. Nothing, not even time, can make the pain completely disappear.

¥'s Beyond Loss Grief Support Program is dedicated to helping you find your courage during challenging times. Through a network of support groups, grief counseling and healing activities, our goal is to help guide you through the often-confusing twists and turns of emotions during losses, such as death, divorce, health diagnoses and more.

Beyond Loss offers a variety on-going support groups every week that provide emotional support to those experiencing loss. Highly trained facilitators provide a place of emotional and physical safety for the grieving, while fellow members provide additional support. Click here to view a list of our current grief support groups.

Beyond Loss programs and services include:

  • Quarterly Beyond Loss newsletters.
  • Weekly bereavement support groups.
  • Resources for the bereaved.
  • Intervention following traumatic events for individuals, families and communities.
  • Education and workshops about grief and loss for group participants.
  • A holiday event honoring those who have experienced loss.

Meetings are held online and we are always accepting new members. For more information, please contact Adena Sarkian at BeyondLoss@ah.org

To learn more about the Beyond Loss Grief Support Program at Adventist Health, call the Mission and Spiritual Care department at (818) 409-8008.