Advocating for Our Communities

The Public Affairs team helps ¥ deliver on our mission, execute our strategy and achieve the goals we have established through advocacy, public policy and communication.

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Innovation & Integration

Moving Beyond Charity Care

2022 - 2023 Policy Priorities

Address the Healthcare Workforce Crisis

  • Support policies that address healthcare workforce shortages through growth and pipeline programs, specifically in rural and underserved areas
  • Advocate for the expansion of scope of practice for health care professionals and reduce the barriers to licensure in multiple states
  • Continuous discussion and forward movement for decreasing workplace violence through staff protections

Sustain and Enhance the Safety-Net

  • Advocate for fair and adequate Medicaid and Medicare payments and coverage to protect and provide care for our most vulnerable populations
  • Preserve supplemental funding like Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) and Critical Access Hospital (CAH) designation to continue providing necessary care to populations like rural communities
  • Protect 340B to ensure necessary care for uninsured patients and community health programs are sustainable

Improve Access and Sustainability

  • Promote integrated, comprehensive strategies to reform care delivery and payment to bring down the cost to health systems and improve the wellbeing of our communities
  • Support policies that make care more accessible and sustainable leading to adequate medical care for all individuals
  • Remove barriers to integration and clinical networks of care to create better patient experience and effectively utilize resources

Improve Community Health and Equity

  • Advocate for whole person care including ensuring our communities have equitable opportunities not only for healthcare, but to housing, education, and other needs
  • Focus on minimizing social determinants of health so patients need to overcome less challenges
  • Improve mental health access

Advance Affordability and Consumer-Focused Healthcare

  • Advancing and integrating technological advancements with the healthcare industry which will lead to higher quality, lower cost, and more affordable care
  • Improve consumer-focused technologies that allow healthcare organizations to be more transparent about the cost of obtaining healthcare
  • Advocate for modifications and additional ways individuals can receive care to ensure there is more access for those who may have a harder time accessing clinics or hospitals