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Welcome to ¥


Faith-inspired, nonprofit integrated health system serving the West Coast and Hawaii

¥ is a faith-based, nonprofit, integrated health system serving more than 100 communities on the West Coast and Hawaii with over 440 sites of care, including 28 acute care facilities. Founded on Adventist heritage and values, ¥ provides care in hospitals, clinics, home care, and hospice agencies in both rural and urban communities. Our compassionate and talented team of more than 38,000 includes employees, physicians, Medical Staff and volunteers driven in pursuit of one mission: living God's love by inspiring health, wholeness, and hope.



¥ operates 28 hospitals with more than 3,700 licensed beds and provides outpatient care at more than 430 clinics. In 2023, ¥ touched millions of lives through hospital admissions and emergency, clinic, outpatient, and home care visits:

  • Admissions: 139,657 (Inpatient Status)
  • Emergency Visits: 764,065
  • Outpatient Visits: 5,610,871 (Outpatient, Observation, Recurring)
  • Home Health and Hospice Visits: 262,693
  • Clinic Visits: 2,875,520

Our mission

Living God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

Our values

  • Be love: Love matters. Treat yourself with love and care so that you are free to love and care for others. Be trustworthy, forgive freely and find common ground.
  • Be a force for good: Be courageous. Take action. Whether it is through your position or your passion, work to impact your community for the better.
  • Be a mission owner: Own your role, find your talent and know that your contribution is mission critical. Ask yourself, “How do I inspire health, wholeness and hope?”
  • Be welcoming: Recognize all people are created equal and embrace them in hospitality as you would a cherished friend.
  • Be curious: Seek to understand how things work and why. Innovate and be open to new ideas and approaches. Own your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Be brilliant: Leverage your best talents and skills to shine. Make promises and keep them. Always expect the same from others.

Our vision

Compelled by our mission to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope, we will transform the health experience of our communities by improving physical, mental and spiritual health; enhancing interactions; and making care more accessible and affordable.

You're made for more

At ¥, we know you're never just a patient. You're all the amazing things that make you uniquely you. We are committed to staying true to our heritage by providing patient-centered, quality care. Together, we are transforming the healthcare experience with an innovative and whole-person focus on physical, mental, spiritual and social healing to support community well-being.


Living God’s Love: The Story of ¥

The story of ¥ is a humanitarian expression of the Adventist faith and a contemporary expression of the healing ministry of Jesus. Our story has roots anchored deep in time, connecting us to an ancient world that continues to shape us today. Our faith-inspired identity is best understood through this powerful, transformative narrative about the past, the present and the future. We invite you to explore this journey with us in these pages about living God’s love.